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Say NO to the Addington Housing Development

You may be aware that a national developer is proposing to develop on the fields between Featherbed Lane and Addington Village Interchange building between 200/300 homes, half of which will be intensive housing.
In addition to causing disruption due to building works this will:
Take away valuable Green Belt land when there are plenty of Brown Field sites available in the area.
Overstretch vital public services (schools, doctors, transport, hospitals, etc) in what is already the most populated postcode in the country
Clog up our public transport and roads which are already very busy
How will access be made to the site, as entering or emerging on to Kent Gate Way is already a nightmare at peak times.
The Addington Residents Association will fight this on your behalf but we need your help, by supporting our fighting fund, fund envelopes were distibuted with the ARA's last magazine.