Addington Residents Association
Road Safety


Pinch Point Featherbed Lane

No progress on speed control at the narrow pinch point has been made. Speed calming humps are not now implemented by the Council, and the Police object to other traffic calming options due to line of sight objections. Traffic monitoring units were installed that store vehicle speeds through the pinch point which may have an effect of slowing traffic. Last results were the majority of vehicles were still exceeding the 30 m.p.h. limit.

Filter Light at Crossways into Featherbed Lane

A Filter light was requested for the Crossways Junction for traffic turning right into Featherbed Lane from Seladon Road. We understand this will be fitted at the next overhaul or repair of the traffic lights at such time as this occurs.

Parking at Slip Road Crossways

Following objections that all day parking in the slip road was affecting trade, limited time parking bays has been implemented there, no charges but time limited so that parking bays are available for passing trade.